Top 10 Reads to Kick off Your 2023


Top 10 Reads to Kick off Your 2023

Whether You’re an Executive, Manager, or VP, these 10 Articles Will Jumpstart Your Year with Strategies for Effective Leadership

It’s 2023. That means a fresh start to becoming a more effective, productive, and inspiring leader.

The articles below are 10 of our most-read of 2022. Whether leading a hybrid, remote, or in-office team, this roundup will help you create a more cohesive team dynamic to help everyone reach their stretch goals this year.

  1.  Trying to Make a Big Change? There’s No Such Thing as a “Small Win.”

Take it from James Clear, the author of Atomic Habits: The mightiest forests grow from the tiniest seeds! So this year, think like bamboo with tips on habit-building from this bestselling author. 

Bamboo can barely be seen for the first five years as it builds extensive root systems underground before exploding ninety feet into the air within six weeks.”  

  1. Could Your Team Nail the ‘“Red Balloon Challenge”?

Struggling to get your team members on the same page?

Culture Code author Daniel Croyle reveals what leaders can learn about teamwork from MIT’s strategy of using “vulnerability loops” to clinch their success in the “Red Balloon Challenge.”

  1.  Spelling Aside, Success is a Four-Letter Word

Angela Duckworth reveals the best indicator of lasting success: Grit. This combination of passion and perseverance is the best predictor of success across different industries and situations. 

Learn why this top quality of successful individuals is even more important than intelligence, talent, and credentials! 

  1.  Love the Bomb: Learn How to Embrace Critical Feedback

Critical feedback can feel like a tiny explosion: shattered expectations everywhere. But according to Carol Dweck, author of Mindset, it doesn’t have to be that way. 

With a bit of reframing, critical feedback will feel less like shrapnel and more like a snow globe, offering new perspectives and insights. Use these tips to stretch your fixed mindset into a growth mindset this year. 

  1.  Release Your Inner Tony Robbins and Become More Persuasive with “Motivational Interviewing”

How does anyone learn to find common ground and explore new ideas in an increasingly polarized world? Think Again author Adam Grant reveals how readers can “release their inner Tony Robbins” and master the art of persuasion using a technique called “motivational interviewing.” 

  1.  How “The Cookie Jar Method” Can Help You Push Through Challenges

Big and challenging plans for 2023? This article might change your approach for the better.

David Goggins’ Cookie Jar Method involves quick “bites” of positivity that can energize and motivate you to keep going during challenging times. Here’s how to implement it in your life!

  1. Nine Steps to Building a Culture of Radical Candor

Ready to cut through the BS and pave the way to healthier communication with your employees? Bestselling author Kim Scott reveals the path to a more honest, vulnerable workplace with nine steps leaders can follow to build a culture of radical candor.

  1.  Five Ways to Create a Tight-Knit Team

According to Daniel Croyle, author of Culture Code, the heart of a cohesive team is belonging. Learn the three pillars of belonging and six critical strategies for greater team cohesion.

  1. Toss Your Ten-Year Plan

The ten-year plan is a staple in corporate culture. But author Adam Grant cautions that rigid, long-term goals can hurt your chances of success and diminish satisfaction at work. Learn three common pitfalls that hyper-planners often overlook.

  1. What Does Your “Accountability Mirror” Reflect?

Learn how to turn your bathroom mirror into an agent of change and self-reflection for greater accountability in 2023. 

David Goggins, author of Can’t Hurt Me, shares how to implement this powerful practice for personal accountability that leaders and their teams can use to stay on track.

Make 2023 Your Year to Lead

Did any of these reads inspire you to set a new goal or habit to become a stronger leader this year? Share your “ah hah!” moment with us on Twitter using #2023LeadershipChallenge

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