Inspiring Compassion and Learning through Great Books and Stories

We’re on a mission to transform the way companies, individuals, and communities learn from books.

Why? Because studies show that books fuel learning and growth six times more than any other medium. But … that learning and growth doesn’t happen by osmosis (as much as we wish that were possible!).

Book-led growth only happens when we engage with content in meaningful ways.

That’s where BookClub comes in.

We created BookClub to help busy, diverse teams access powerful ideas in the best books. In other words, we built a better book club.

A book club with flexible content, a focus on big-picture insights and “ah hah” moments.

A book club that holds space for authentic conversations and deeper connections.

A book club with content tailored to your company and outcomes that move you closer to your goals.

A book club that won’t create extra work for managers and leaders (leave it to us!)

We firmly believe that a good book can change the world (and your team). We’re here to help you make it happen.

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