We seek discovery

“We will learn more from books over our lifetime than from any other source.”

We’ve spent our careers dedicated to life-long learning and education reform. We founded Degreed, launched youth apprenticeships, helped launch a university, are building a secondary school, have been teachers, and published a book. Above all else, we aspire to be great learners.
Along the way, we were exposed to data that surprised us: we will learn more from books over our lifetime than from any other source.

“Our belief is that author-led conversations can transform our lives”

That insight made us think, what more could we do to learn from the authors themselves? What does it look like when we see authors as teachers that can take us deeper through their books' themes, people, and questions?
Our hope with BookClub is that author-led conversations can transform our lives.
Great literature demands things of us—that we see the world through others' eyes, that we question our own thinking, and they stretch us to learn, grow, and empathize.
And who better to lead us on that quest than the authors themselves?

BookClub, at its best...

Diverse Voices & Topics

Books help us ‘walk a mile’ and give us a chance to see the world differently. We celebrate diverse authors and challenging topics.

Strong Opinions, Weakly Held

We show up to learn. That is best done when we balance an openness and humility with our point of view and something to contribute.

Learning Over Status

BookClub welcomes all authors–from the NYTimes bestselling, to the up-and-comers, to new authors just getting their start.


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