BookClub is a Dynamic Microlearning Must-have for Teams.

We help teams connect, explore, and engage with various literary works to address culture bottlenecks and facilitate team growth.


Human & Tech Powered Content Sourcing

BookClub revitalizes team learning by optimizing time spent sourcing content with its tech-powered content recommendations to personalize learning experiences, while enabling teams to scale their learnings efficiently.

Here's How it Works


Identify the challenges facing your team.

All successful teams share essential traits, gained through shared challenges and experiences. We help your team (and you!) get on the same page.


BookClub curates a learning path of distilled, and instilled insights.

We generate a custom learning path for your team, based on your input and insights. Revolutionizing how you lead your team.


Connect and help your team level-up through shared experience.

You don’t build teams with trust falls on a random Friday afternoon. You do it through a consistent culture of shared learning.

books with benefits

We Upskill Teams to Do More

With BookClub, it’s more than reading: Learn, reflect, discuss, practice, and apply it with your team
Personalized To Your Team
Our Tech-powered content engine will help you develop a BookClub experience that is specific to your goals and needs
No need to read the whole book. We make the experience easy and turnkey for everyone.
Alone and Together
Our experiences combine personal learning and team interactions to help you go from zero to one

Features that Fuel Learning

With BookClub platform, your team has a clear path toward productivity and professional growth across teams

Extensive Book Library with Key Learnings Highlighted.
Interactive Discussions and Peer Engagement
Personalized Recommendations for Teams
Community Building
Growth Tracking Tools
Smart AI
27/4 Support Access
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Skill Building

Books grow skills up to 6x faster

Studies show that books fuel learning and growth six times more than any other medium.

Soft Skills
Critical thinking
Emotional intelligence

Leaders are Readers

Another offsite won’t build your team’s skills. Strengthen work culture and key soft skills with BookClub's tech-driven insight platform.