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Turn your book into learning content with 1-click, connect with your target audience, and grow your revenue streams
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The best author platforms have many elements to them

Partner Strengths

Ideally, authors could focus energy on their strengths...

Author Strengths

...and leverage partners to help build their tribe.

Partner Strengths

Here's how BookClub is that partner

Generate powerful passive revenue streams

Gain immediate insights into how your platform is performing across your various services, and guidance on where to focus your efforts to enhance your reach.

Turn your book into a course instantly

Leverage BookClub's technology to effortlessly transform your book into a beautiful, interactive, dynamic learning experience—and have the final edit on what goes to market.

Converse directly with your target audience

BookClub provides rich tools for you to engage your target audience, not only getting their attention, but facilitating conversations that can help your ideas lead to real impact.

Measure your impact

BookClub's Author Analytics provide new insights into how your ideas and your book are resonating, how they're trending over time and with which audiences.



Build your author platform with content subscriptions and marketing your author services.


One-click social media marketing; auto-post across platforms with unique templates.


Increase your global reach with auto-translation to various languages.

Content Multi-modality

Craft content in rich text, vibrant images, captivating videos, and crisp audio formats.


Ensure your book content remains current and relevant in ways print can only dream about.

Audience analytics

Gain insights into which of your ideas resonate the most, and with whom.

Enterprise integrations

We know how and where teams want your content delivered to them.

Use cases

New Authors

Use BookClub to build your credibility and audience from Day One.

Established Authors

Enhance and expand your existing platform with advanced functionality.

Writing your next book

Leverage real-time analytics to understand what topics and themes resonate with your audience.


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Microsoft Teams
Tik Tok
Tik Tok

Our Commitments

Elevate the author

We believe in authors, in their messages, and their right for their voices to be heard by the people who need to hear them the most. We win when you win.

Full control

All editorial and content monetization decisions are in your control, full stop, so you can always be confident in how BookClub represents you.

Full credit

Immutable records to prove your authorship and ideas are your own.


Like any good partner, we aim for maximum transparency to build the strongest relationships with our authors.


Your data is yours—always—and will never be shared with any external parties without your consent.

Make your author platform stand out from the noise