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Sarah Hinson

At BookClub, we believe in the power of books. They’re arguably the most effective way to learn, grow, and develop—both personally and professionally. If you read them, that is.

There’s the crux, and where our newest chapter begins.

BookClub at Work makes it easy for leaders and managers to align their teams, create a shared language, establish clear principles, and work better together. Books are the catalyst, but we do the heavy lifting (and reading) for you.

How it started:

We wanted to find a way to use books to help businesses and organizations thrive (including our own). After talking with 400+ leaders who were trying to develop and align their teams with books, we learned that most titles are destined to become office decor.

Leaders who tried to use outside learning tools instead found that most were geared towards individuals rather than groups.

“There are plenty of solutions for people who want to learn independently,” BookClub CEO David Blake said. “But if you’re a leader trying to create a shared language and experiences for an entire organization, there’s no single resource. Our enterprise offering, BookClub at Work, fills that gap by facilitating real connections through shared learning.”

How it works:

We meet with leaders to help them define their goals, i.e. their "why," to share with team members. Once that's clearly defined, we: 

  • Curate a list of recommended books from leading experts, reading optional.
  • Pull bite-sized, relevant insights that align with leaders' desired outcomes and share them with individual team members via email or text. Each takeaway includes an open-ended prompt, so team members can share their thoughts, questions, and concerns anonymously. These conversations continue organically on the platforms they're already using (like Slack).
  • Provide questions and workshop frameworks to guide off-platform discussions and help teams apply what they've learned. Team offsites have become a popular space for meaningful connections!

The only thing better than receiving actionable insights—and openly talking about them—is meeting with the authors themselves. Which is why we offer that service, too. When possible, we'll bring them in to speak with teams and even collaborate on content.

We’ve already seen stronger engagement and alignment across the board at BookClub. Salesforce and Booster, two of our early adopters, are also using BookClub at Work to support their people.

We’re excited to partner with more organizations and share the best books in a way that works. Ready to get your team on the same page (finally)? Learn more about BookClub at Work on our website.

Leaders, check out our free guide about how to support and empower your team during COVID-19 here. We’ve pulled together tips and ideas from some of our go-to authors, and we hope you find it helpful.

About BookClub

Established in 2020 by the co-founders of edtech company Degreed, BookClub is a community platform that connects readers with authors and each other. Curious book lovers can join or create clubs, watch or listen to exclusive author interviews, engage in lively book discussions, share their favorite reads, participate in author events, and more.

For organizations interested in harnessing the power of books, there’s BookClub at Work. Carefully tailored solutions make it easy for teams to apply insights from today’s leading experts and authors—without the hassle of “required” reading or meetings.

BookClub continues to expand its offerings for all readers and leaders, united by a common goal: to inspire learning and compassion through great literature. Visit and follow BookClub on LinkedIn for the latest updates, announcements, and releases.

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