Equipping Your Organization To Derail The Great Training Robbery

Ben Lowell

The 2016 Harvard Business School report on corporate training initiatives revealed a startling fact: Of the $164 billion spent, less than 10% achieved its intended impact, leading to what they termed the "Great Training Robbery." This staggering inefficiency in corporate training programs is the focus of our upcoming webinar, where we aim to dissect the reasons behind the failure of these initiatives and the crucial factors that contribute to their ineffectiveness.

In this session, we will delve into the six primary organizational drivers that hinder the successful implementation and acceptance of Learning and Development (L&D) initiatives. More importantly, we'll introduce a four-part approach designed to counteract these failure modes. By attending, you'll gain a deeper understanding of why the majority of L&D initiatives fall short and how you can steer your organization towards a more effective learning culture. This knowledge is key to not only avoiding wasted investments but also to enhancing the overall impact of your L&D efforts.

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About the speaker

Ben Lowell
VP of Customer Experience, BookClub

Ben is addicted to learning and is a self-proclaimed life-long learner. Working for Fidelity Investments, Instructure, Pluralsight, and Class Technologies, he has held various roles, including director of L&D, director of e-learning, facilitator/instructional designer, learning consultant, enterprise sales, and, one of his favorites, junior high Spanish teacher.

Ben is passionate about stories and books and believes in the power of compelling stories to change lives. Ben was born in South America and has lived a combined 9 years across Ecuador, Guatemala, and Puerto Rico.

Ben currently resides in Utah with his wife and three daughters. Outside of work, Ben is a freelance actor, composer, and aspiring playwright.

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