Works class “Spark” content

BookClub delivers experiences for your team focused on upleveling understanding of mission critical ideas and figuring out how to apply them. Here’s our approach.

Tailored content curation

Our Insights will help your team create shared understanding around the key ideas, and provide you with the common language to speak intelligently about the topic.
Time management
Conflict resolution
Goal Setting

Your Community awaits

Share your challenges, we deliver content curated to lead your team to the right conversation. A place to organize & collaborate around your learnings
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See where others in your community are on the book you are reading. Our Readerboard gives you a birdseye view of where everyone is at helping you have conversations with those at the same path.

Learn with passion

Pick the books that matter to your community. Learn from the best books on the market. Choose from ones that include Sparks to speed up your learning.

Flexible content delivery

We deliver content to your organization in the flow of work, when it makes the most sense for them to receive it. Slack, email, in-app—whenever your team is most likely to see it

Lead impactful conversations

We provide expertly designed discussion guides for every title in our library that you can use to help get your team talking.

A story “telling” worth sharing

Stories bring people together. Find and connect with thousands of readers.

Conversations with your community is where you can learn, grow, and connect together.

The best teams

‍ together

The micro-learning platform built for teams.
So you can work better, together.

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How does BookClub upskill teams?

BookClub is different because we help your team…

What does BookClub do?

BookClub delivers experiences for your team focused on upleveling understanding of mission critical ideas and figuring out how to apply them. Here’s our approach.

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Provide World Class "Insights"

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Connect Your Team

Slack and email icons

Deliver Content Flexibly

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Lead Conversations


... and more

Connect With Authors
Create an unforgettable experience for your team by bringing in the author to help drive key ideas home.
Facilitate Dialog
Leverage our professional facilitators to create the right conversation with our team to deliver your desired outcomes.
Produce Professional Video
Deliver custom content created just for your team with our production and instructional design team.
Deliver Books
If you want your team to have full book copies, let BookClub handle the logistics in any book format.

Hear what our customers have to say

The most impactful thing for me was collaborating with those I don't normally interact with...we're already implementing 2-3 Insights with our team.
BookClub turned me on to different ways of thinking and exposed my own inefficiencies. Example: I can look at a project and spend time telling myself I can't solve the issue, OR I can think about finding a solution. The amount of energy is the same, why not do the latter?
I enjoyed consuming these bite-sized pieces of a book. Though small, they packed a huge amount of flavor and content.
I liked the fact it's laid out that way, you know what to expect...I love this program—for me, it's been phenomenal.
The content not only helped at work, but also in my personal life.

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