Empowering Future Leaders
at Peach State Truck Centers


“They just did it on their
own after reading
about the framework!”
Richard Fletcher,
Director of Training and Development at Peach State Truck Centers

“They just did it on their own after reading about the framework!”

This was how Richard Fletcher, Director of Training and Development at Peach State Truck Centers, excitedly described employees directly applying a framework from Be Our Guest –  Disney’s book on customer experience - to their individual roles.

More specifically, members of Accelerate, an emerging leaders program at Peach State, created psychographic profiles to better improve customer experience, a process from Be Our Guest known as “guestology.”

“Guestology was a main component of chapter two. You’ll notice some of them switched it to ‘Truckerology.’ One guy had the idea of renaming it for us and others followed,” added Fletcher.

Peach State Truck Centers, a leader in the commercial truck sales and services industry, recognized the importance of developing a robust leadership pipeline to ensure the continued success of their organization. This case study explores how BookClub played a pivotal role in supporting and enhancing Peach State Truck Centers' efforts to nurture and develop their next generation of leaders.

The Challenge

“We needed a solution that would accomplish two main objectives of our Accelerate Program: creating a community and having a forum for our emerging leaders to discuss and apply key topics,” remarked Fletcher about his decision to use BookClub’s learning platform. Traditional training methods often disrupt the daily workflow and fail to accommodate the diverse schedules of employees. Peach State, therefore, sought to offer high-quality leadership development opportunities that would enable future leaders to access valuable content on their own time, without compromising productivity.

The BookClub Solution

Enter BookClub – a platform that delivers book based, bite-sized, engaging content asynchronously to teams. Recognizing the potential of BookClub, Peach State Truck Centers integrated the platform into their Accelerate Program.

The BookClub Strategy

Flexible schedule

Meet specific needs and interests

Foster community

Contextualize key principles


BookClub's platform allowed participants to engage with leadership development materials at their own pace. This asynchronous approach meant that employees could access content when it best suited their schedules, eliminating disruptions to their daily tasks.

Not only that, but BookClub's curated content is delivered in multimodal, easily digestible formats over a period of time. This makes the learning experience more manageable, and ensures that teams can:

  • absord
  • discuss
  • apply leadership principles

… without feeling overwhelmed during the work week.


“BookClub tailored the experience to our specific organizational needs, both from a content perspective and a deployment perspective.”
Richard Fletcher,
Director of Training and Development at Peach State Truck Centers

From effective communication to strategic thinking, BookClub utilized key learnings from book-inspired content, creating an experience that met the specific needs and interests of the Accelerate program.

In addition to offering a more tailored approach to microlearning, BookClub provided the tools to guide meaningful discussions focused on the material.

This saw teams engaging with their peers directly on the platform, fostering a sense of community and shared learning, while contextualizing key principles around concrete, real-life scenarios.

The Impact

learning items created and delivered
live conversations held
man hours saved
saved on training

“It was easier than I thought for the users to be engaged… I was very pleased with how easy it was to get them to actually use it.”

Richard Fletcher,
Director of Training and Development at Peach State Truck Centers

The user adoption of BookClub into Peach States' Accelerate Program was highly successful. Throughout the 12-months they maintained 100% member engagement.

Participants also reported:
Increased confidence in their leadership abilities
Improved decision-making skills
Stronger sense of connection with their peers
Ability to utilize the learning in current and future roles


BookClub proved instrumental in enhancing Peach State Truck Centers' leadership training by working in concert with their Accelerate Program, providing a flexible, engaging, and accessible learning experience to a new generation of leaders.

BookClub is a valuable, innovative solution for any organization looking to optimize and modernize their learning and development initiatives.

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