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Diana Nyad’s “Find a Way”: A 110-Mile Swim at Age 64

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On this premiere ep of BookWise, CEO Jonathan Munk and Sr. Director of Creative Experience Britt Brewer dive deep (pun intended) into Find a Way: The Inspiring Story of One Woman’s Pursuit of a Lifelong Dream, by famed swimmer, Diana Nyad.

Nyad notably swam from Havana, Cuba, to Key West, Florida ( 110 miles - roughly 1936 football fields - you can picture that right?) at the young age of 64.

But don’t worry. This isn’t a homework-listen, we promise. Munk and Britt roll up their sleeves to discuss the true meaning of achievement, AND reveal the hidden forces motivating endurance athletes to suffer on, despite facing an uphill battle of near-constant pain and uncertainty. 

So get cozy my type-A kings and queens - this one’s for you!

Books Mentioned

“Find a Way: The Inspiring Story of One Woman's Pursuit of a Lifelong Dream” by Diana Nyad

“Open: An Autobiography” by Andre Agassi

“Ultra Marathon Man” by Dean Karnazes

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