“Today a reader. Tomorrow a leader.”

Margaret Fuller

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The best way to get your team on the same page?

Through the portable wisdom of books.

Books offer road-tested solutions to universal
problems, told via compelling,
real-world narratives.

Authors live to tell the tale and give readers a playbook for success.

Books are the greatest resource of knowledge. Capturing their magic as a team has been futile.

Until Now.

BookClub makes the wisdom in books accessible, approachable, and applicable for better leadership development.

With BookClub you can:

  • Discover the perfect content from acclaimed books.
  • Distill the important principles your team needs.
  • Design the depth of the learning experience for proper growth.
  • Distribute content appropriately to match everyone’s needs.

It’s custom fit for you, your team, and all the situations in between.

“Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body.”

Joseph Addison
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BookClub is the trainer, regimen, and lifestyle that makes your reading fruitful.
Strengthen Your Team.

“BookClub has given us an unexpected yet powerful tool for team building. By giving us a shared language and space for insightful discussions, we've become more aligned and cohesive as a team.”

Angela Wu Li
Chief of Staff at Tango

"With BookClub doing all the heavy lifting, we quickly established a community where our team could discuss topics of interest. It was fast, easy, and tailored to our specific company and organization."

Richard Fletcher
Director Of Training And Development
Peach State Truck Centers

Learning from books can be simple, snappy, and successful.

BookClub curates micro-lessons from the best books on the market.
The 3–4-minute micro-lessons are easily digestible and help learners apply the content to their work and lives.
Managers can organize lessons to fit the team’s needs with discussion, goal-setting, and tracking built in.

Leaders are Readers

BookClub is the low-lift, high-impact solution for leadership development and employee success.