Develop a Growth Mindset

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Develop a Growth Mindset

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Comfort in Discomfort

The best way to grow stronger

Assuming you are a finished product prevents you from the improvements that lead you to your best self. Understand a fixed vs. growth mindset and ways to apply a growth mindset mentality.


Not always easy, but always worth it

Accountability to yourself is critical. It's important to remain conscious of performance over time with reflection and review. Understand what it means to set up an accountability mirror.

Necessity of Failure

Without it, success is impossible

Believing success is a zero-sum game limits the ability to learn, grow, and improve. Understand that failure is necessary for growth.

Effective Habits of Behavior Change

It starts with understanding

Why habits matter. Habits are the compound interest of self-improvement. Habit contracts and accountability partners are powerful motivators in maintaining new habits. Identify and apply the four laws of behavior change.

Sample Use Cases for this Path

Companies in rapidly changing markets

Companies in rapidly changing markets, whether in high tech or in legacy markets, must continue learning and growing to maintain relevancy and be competitive.

Teams building capabilities

Teams asked to build new capabilities outside of their core competencies, and are looking for better methods of dealing with the discomfort of doing so.

Entrepreneurs and innovators

Entrepreneurs and innovation leads who are looking to build new ventures and branch into uncharted territory in pursuit of big opportunities

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Develop a Growth Mindset

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