Cultivate Manager Skills for the Future

AI and automations improvements will shift manager focus from technical challenges to empowering creativity and collaboration of teams.

This path helps managers cultivate skills that are valuable today and will be critical in the future of work.

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Cultivate Manager Skills for the Future

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Soft Skills = Power Skills

Skills without expiration dates

With technology integrations providing information and automation, now is the time to emphasize the human side of leadership. Become invaluable by strengthening skills around listening, communication, time management, curiosity, creativity, empathy - things a robot can't do. Possessing these traits will also allow a great manager to properly assess it in others, leading to the right hires.

Tenacious Curiosity

The best skill to navigate the future of work

Lifelong learning is the key to career progression, especially as technology continues to alter nearly every aspect of the workplace. Develop the skills necessary to move away from a fixed minset and strengthen your adaptability in an ever changing world.


The key to the future is getting there together

"Top-down" management is being replaced these days by out-centric leadership. This involves a less hierarchical structure of working, and a more relationship-focused, "alongside" model, which allows for everyone on the team to feel included and valued. Additionally, leaders have an opportunity to acknowledge where they may need help, motivating their employees to step up and get creative. Be an effective manager by listening rather than dictating to encourage collaboration, empowerment, and a flow of ideas.

Sample Use Cases for this Path

Corporate manager training programs

Corporate manager training programs looking for a way to deepen connections amongst participants and provide more organic methods of interaction beyond the duration of the training program.

New manager onboarding programs

New manager onboarding programs looking for ways to engrain common operating principles for all their new managers, and help ensure the key ideas from the company canon persist.

Leaders and performance reviews

Leaders preparing for performance reviews need to ensure their communication comes across as both candid and caring, even when it's not what the other person wants to hear.

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Cultive Manager Skills for the Future
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Develop a Growth Mindset

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