Sometimes you need more than just a book.

Develop, align, and connect your team with tailored insights that make an impact.

Find what works for you.

Here's a breakdown of our solutions and what's included.




Core Experiences


Your team decides whether they want physical copies, audio, or ebooks.

Optional Add-On

Optional Add-On


Engage in conversations on the platforms you’re already using.


Delivered to your team via email or text, these insights include the “what, why, and how,” along with actionable prompts.

Leader Resources


Give voice to your “why” through video. Access platform tools or let our experts do the work.

Self Serve

Fully Produced

Team Analytics

See what’s resonating with each team member so you can determine what will create the most value.




Curated one-pagers that leaders can use in one-on-one or group meetings to inspire conversation.

Individual Resources

Personal Analytics

Check out what your colleagues are highlighting, discussing, and asking.




Enrich your reading experience: highlight text, take notes, share thoughts & access related content.


Ignite ideas and conversations with critical insights from books. We'll deliver these bite-sized takeaways straight to your team.


Go beyond text—and be human. We'll help you translate your vision into audio or video content to share with your team throughout their journey.


Gain a deeper understanding of your team's values, learning styles, and level of engagement, so you can lead more effectively.

Your team’s best chapter
is on the next page

We’ll tailor solutions that lead to faster insights, deeper connections, and better outcomes for you and your people.

Frequently asked questions

We're here to help with any questions you have about plans, pricing, and supported features.
Why should I choose BookClub at Work?
You’ll receive actionable insights tailored to the size of your team, their learning preferences, and your goals. We also make it easy for team members to engage in relevant, meaningful discussions, develop a shared language, and foster growth—both individually and collectively—for better outcomes.

Our bite-sized, valuable insights are sourced from today’s leading experts and authors and delivered straight to your team. There’s no need for them to read every book, cover to cover. (Because, let’s be honest, they don’t have time for required reading—and neither do you.)
How are books selected for my team?
You’ll meet with one of our team members to talk about your pain points and desires. Based on your input, team size, and ideal timeline, we’ll select relevant books from industry experts. Your team members get to decide whether or not they’d like a physical copy.
How long does my membership last?
The duration of your membership will depend on the size of your team—and how many books you’re using. We’ll talk you through the process to find a roadmap that works for you.
What’s the cost?
Price varies. Ultimately, it will depend on what you select re: duration and additional features. Again, we’re happy to work with you one-on-one to find the best fit.
Do you offer a pilot program?
Yes! Our pilot programs are invite-only and guided by Customer Experience Directors. They’ll meet with you to talk about your goals, our offerings, and how we can curate the best resources for you and your organization. Pilot programs start with a team-wide kickoff call and include regular check-ins with leaders. They are available at a reduced rate per user.
How often will my team receive Sparks?
The frequency of Sparks varies by team and need. You’ll talk more about this with your Customer Experience Director during onboarding. We recommend starting with three per week, then asking your team how they feel about the cadence.

Leaders choose how often their teams receive Sparks, unless you’re participating in a pilot program. During pilot programs, we recommend the frequency, get feedback from your team, and iterate as needed.

Each person can choose whether to receive Sparks via email or text.
What’s the difference between BookClub and BookClub at Work?
Along with BookClub at Work, we also offer exclusive content for a variety of books on There, you’ll find clubs centered around specific themes, author interviews, reader discussions, and more.
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